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Comprehensive offerings tailored for

K–12 educational institutions.

Complete School Management Software Solution for All Types of Educational Institutions.

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The Trutext School Management System is equipped with a comprehensive set of features, ensuring that your institution operates efficiently with all the tools you could ever require.

Centralized platform for academic and administrative tasks.

Trutext offers tailored dashboards for seamless access across your institution.

The system is equipped with diverse modules that automate various daily operations, ranging from student admissions to the issuance of transfer certificates. It also facilitates the digitization of the online learning experience, ensuring seamless and efficient management of these processes.


Lead your school


Admission Management. Real Time Online Application Tracking, Customizable Admission Portal, Student Enquiry Resolution, Automated Student Onboarding, Interactive and Dynamic Dashboard, Access for Parents and Students, Customized Form Fields & Document Handling, Tracking and Follow-Up of Leads, Admission/Form Fee Collection with SMS Alerts.

Attendance Management. Access/Retrieve Reports, Classroom Attendance & Analysis and ​Digital Attendance Record​.

User Access Management. Meticulous access permissions are defined for each staff, ensuring precision in school operations. Individualized roles with clear access parameters are created for every staff member, fostering efficiency. Administrator responsibilities are delineated through well-defined permissions, enhancing organizational clarity and functionality.

Fee Management. Tailored Fee Structure, Flexible Instalment Options, Convenient Cheque Status Oversight and TrutextPAY Integration for Payment Ease.

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Advance Annual Fee Collection for Schools.

Interest Free EMI's for Parents.

Empowerment Amplified

Enhancing Capabilities with Greater Strength.

Student Information Management. Gain seamless access to student information at your convenience, regardless of location or time. Effortlessly manage the entire student directory, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. With a comprehensive overview of each student's details, you can easily stay informed. Efficiently handle student finances and access records covering attendance, academic performance, and outstanding fees. Create convenient profiles for both students and teachers, streamlining administrative tasks. Utilize behavioral badges and performance reports as valuable tools for student assessment. Additionally, analyze attendance trends to make informed decisions and enhance overall administrative efficiency.

School Structure Administration. This feature empowers administrators to customize their institution's structure by specifying type (e.g., school, college), stages (Pre-primary, Secondary), and divisions. Automated class creation simplifies setup, and administrators can tailor divisions as needed. This versatile feature accommodates various institutional needs, offering flexibility in management.

Academic Scheduler. The school's annual events, from the annual day celebration to examinations, are meticulously scheduled based on the yearly calendar. Therefore, it is crucial for the calendar to be flawless and entirely free of errors to ensure smooth planning and execution of these significant activities.

Digital Content. Animated Video Content, Bilingual Educational Material, ​Study Notes and Reference, Interactive Practice Questions, ​Accessible Offline Resources, Engagement Analytics, Lesson Planning Tool, Content Assignment, Gamified Learning Exercises, Topic-Level Categorization, Bite-Sized Learning Modules.

Website Development Tool. A website builder is an all-in-one solution for institutions, eliminating the need to create each website feature from scratch. It enables easy customization based on the institute's theme, incorporating logos, graphics, and templates.

Certificate Generation. Effortlessly generate certificates and documents for students and staff on various occasions using Trutext's Certificate Generator and document creation feature.

Report Card Generation. Streamlined automation: Marks input by teachers lead to automatic report card generation, ensuring a seamless process.

ID Card Generation. Effortlessly create ID cards by utilizing Trutext's ID Card Generation tool, which automatically compiles information from the teacher and student directory to streamline the process.

Stay ahead in academia.

Keep your institution progressive.

Trutext Library

Library Management

  • Effortless book cataloging.

  • Manage issue and return. 

  • Track book availability.

Trutext Hostel

Hostel Management

  • Manage multiple hostel.

  • Seamless room allocation for students. 

  • Manage hostel wardens.

Trutext Transport

Transport Management

  • Configure pick-up locations.

  • Live GPS tracking.

  • Manage vehicle and driver details.

See more features in action.



Live Virtual Sessions with Recording Capability

Digital Notice Board

Chat Feature for Classroom and Private

Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Real-Time Live Polls

Individual Student Performance Analytics

Leaderboard Functionality

School Children



Test Creation and Evaluation Tools

Upload Question Papers as any Document

Option to Shuffle Questions

Inherent Question Repository

Identification of Strong and Weak Topic

Homework Generation

Micro-scale Data Analytics

School Child
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K-12 Study Material

Class Schedule Management

Support for Multiple Question Types

AI-Powered Question Crafting

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