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Welcome to Elements A, where innovation meets education. In this section, we delve into a suite of cutting-edge Classroom Interaction Tools designed to foster dynamic engagement and collaborative learning environments. Explore the array of features that redefine traditional teaching methods, enabling live virtual sessions, real-time polls, and personalized analytics. With Elements A, we aim to transform classrooms into vibrant hubs of interactive learning, where educators and students can seamlessly connect, share ideas, and elevate the learning experience. Step into the future of education with these powerful tools that make every classroom interaction count.

Live Virtual Sessions with Recording Capability

Live Virtual Sessions with Recording Capability

Interactive Virtual Learning.

Embrace the inevitable shift—live online classes are the educational frontier, transforming the learning landscape and defining the contemporary educational experience.


Capturing the essence of its name, a live class recording entails documenting a teacher's instructional session in real-time. This functionality proves highly advantageous for both students and educators alike. It facilitates the review of missed classes, whether due to absences or other unforeseen circumstances. For teachers, it serves as a valuable tool in alleviating their workload by reducing the demand for individualized attention to each student. Accessible within the 'Interactive Learning' section of the Trutext, the recorded class extends its utility. However, this feature of Trutext offers a multitude of benefits beyond this.

Classroom Recording
Digital Notice Board

Digital Notice Board

Virtual Bulletin.

Efficient communication hub: Digital notice board keeps everyone updated with instant, organized information in real-time.

Revolutionizing Communication

The digital notice board revolutionizes communication, offering a dynamic platform for disseminating information efficiently. Unlike traditional bulletin boards, this digital counterpart enables instant updates, announcements, and notices in real-time. Its interactive nature enhances engagement, ensuring that information is easily accessible and promptly delivered to a wide audience. From event details to important announcements, the digital notice board streamlines communication, fostering a more connected and informed community.


Important Announcements

Upcoming Events:

Don't miss out on our annual school fair scheduled for [Date]. Volunteers and participants are welcome. Contact the [Event Coordinator] for more details.

Library News:

The library will be hosting a book fair from [Dates]. Explore a wide range of books and support our literary initiatives.

Student Achievements:
Celebrate the achievements of our students in [Subject/Activity]. Congratulations to all participants!

Community Outreach:

Join our community service project on [Date] to contribute to a local cause. Details available at the school office.

School Clubs:

Explore extracurricular activities by joining one of our school clubs. Check the bulletin board for more information.

Parent-Teacher Conference:

Save the date for our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conference on [Date]. It's a great opportunity to discuss your child's progress and academic goals.

Sports Update:

Cheer for our school teams at the upcoming [Sport] tournament on [Date]. Let's show our school spirit!

Safety Reminder:

Please ensure the safety of everyone in the school premises. Follow traffic rules during drop-off and pick-up. Report any safety concerns to the school office.

Exam Schedule:

The upcoming exam schedule for [Grade/Class] has been posted. Ensure you are well-prepared, and best of luck to all students!

Lost and Found:

Check the lost and found area for any misplaced items. Unclaimed items will be donated on [Date].

Remember to stay updated with the notice board for the latest information and announcements. If you have any questions, feel free to visit the school office.

Chat Feature for Classroom and Private

Chat Feature for Classroom and Private

Instant Communication

Classroom chat fosters collaboration; private messaging ensures personalized interaction, enhancing communication in educational environments.

Enhancing Classroom Dynamics

Facilitate personalized teacher-student connections through Trutext's Classroom Chat, ensuring instant delivery of crucial messages. Enhance easy, comfortable communication within the class, address doubts in real-time, and promote improved collaboration among students for an enriched learning environment. Experience efficient and convenient communication with Trutext, fostering a seamless exchange of information.

Graduation Day
Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Engaging Learning.

Enhance online teaching with an interactive digital whiteboard—bridging distances, promoting collaboration and simplifying complex topics for engaging, visual learning.

Whiteboard Advantage

The interactive digital whiteboard revolutionizes online education, allowing teachers real-time interaction with students. Unlike traditional counterparts, these whiteboards connect to the internet, facilitating the seamless digitization of written content. In the virtual classroom, this feature proves invaluable, empowering educators to enhance explanations and explore ideas collaboratively. During live classes and presentations, it surpasses traditional whiteboards by overcoming limitations tied to paper and chalk. The digital whiteboard facilitates distance collaboration, enabling teachers to visualize thoughts, explain concepts, and engage students through various features like diagrams and charts, making the learning process more dynamic and visually enriching.

Real-Time Live Polls

Real-Time Live Polls

Instant Participation.

Energize classes with Real-Time Live Polls, allowing teachers to create instant polls for student engagement, assess understanding, and provide feedback.

Engagement and Learning Dynamics

The Real-Time Live Polls feature injects vibrancy into classrooms, enabling teachers to create spontaneous polls. Students promptly respond within the designated timeframe, allowing teachers to assess correct and incorrect answers. Beyond assessment, this feature serves as a tool for fostering increased engagement and an active classroom dynamic. By incorporating mini-quizzes and introducing friendly competition, teachers transform lessons into interactive and entertaining sessions. This approach enhances overall classroom engagement, capturing students' attention and improving their attention span, ensuring a lively and effective learning environment.

Happy School Kid
Individual Student Performance Analytics

Individual Student Performance Analytics

Personalised Insights.

Individual Student Performance Analytics provide a detailed overview, aiding tailored academic support and growth strategies.

Empowering Education

Individual Student Performance Analytics revolutionizes education by providing personalized insights. Educators gain a nuanced understanding of each student's strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted support. This data-driven approach allows for adaptive teaching strategies and early identification of challenges, fostering proactive interventions. Simultaneously, students benefit from a clear overview of their progress, encouraging self-awareness and proactive learning engagement. Ultimately, Individual Student Performance Analytics serves as a powerful tool for enhancing educational outcomes through personalized support and strategic intervention.

Student Portrait
Leaderboard Functionality

Leaderboard Functionality

Top Performers.

Enhances motivation, promoting healthy competition, recognizing achievements, and fostering a dynamic learning environment for continuous improvement and engagement.

Continuous Improvement

Leaderboard functionality revolutionizes the educational landscape by infusing a competitive spirit into the learning experience. It serves as a motivational tool, inspiring students to strive for excellence and actively engage in the educational process. Recognizing achievements through leaderboards not only boosts morale but also fosters a dynamic learning environment. Students are encouraged to surpass their own limits, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement. This feature instills a sense of accomplishment, making the learning journey more rewarding and encouraging collaboration as students strive to climb the ranks, creating a vibrant and participative educational community.

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