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Elementary School Student

Efficient Support Solutions.

Introducing Elements C, your gateway to Administrative and Support Features. Explore essential tools that streamline operations, enhance support systems, and elevate overall efficiency. From class scheduling management to versatile question type support, this section is designed to empower educators and administrators alike. Navigate through Elements C and unlock the potential for seamless administration and comprehensive support within your educational environment.

K-12 Study Material
Teacher with Students

K-12 Study Material

In India's evolving education landscape, the surge for quality K-12 Study Material underscores the need for depth, relevance, and engagement.


In India, there's an escalating demand for top-notch K-12 Study Material, driven by the transformative shifts in the educational landscape. This surge has ushered in a plethora of K-12 Study Material providers. Traditional teaching methods are evolving, embracing an interactive and dynamic approach, with digital learning materials at the forefront. Understanding the imperative for such materials involves delving into the intricate requirements imposed on students, educators, and the entire educational system.

Diverse study material categories tailored for personalized and engaging learning experiences for K-12.

Core Subjects

  • English Literature

  • Hindi Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Biology

  • Social Studies

    • History

    • Geography

    • Civics

    • Political Science

    • Economics

  • Statistics

Elective Subjects

  • Computer Science/IT

  • Environmental Science

  • Arts

    • Music

    • Dance

    • Fine Arts

  • Commerce

    • Accountancy

    • Business Studies

    • Economics

  • Home Science

  • Psychology

  • Political Science

  • Sociology

  • Legal Studies

  • Mass Media Studies

  • Entrepreneurship

Additional Subjects

  • Physical Education

  • Sanskrit

  • Urdu

  • Regional Languages

  • Additional Foreign Languages

  • English Grammar

  • Hindi Vyakaran

  • Life skills

  • General Knowledge

  • Moral Science/Ethics

  • Work Experience

Class Schedule Management

Class Schedule Management

Streamline classroom reservations effortlessly. Enhance efficiency, minimize scheduling errors, and gain insights into resource utilization. This versatile tool adapts to your workflow, simplifying the entire booking process for improved productivity and organization.

School Children

Seamless scheduling.

Effortlessly craft your school schedule instantly. Plan single and recurring lessons for every course, including key school events with customizable visibility. Utilize various calendar views and specialized access rights for members to create and/or view schedules. Easily review color-coded lessons on the calendar for a quick overview or delve into detailed information for each lesson.

Support for Multiple Question Types
Student at Classroom

Support for Multiple Question Types

Trutext grants teachers extensive flexibility in crafting versatile questions. Design single or multiple-answer formats, incorporate multimedia in both questions and answers, and assign weights.

The impact and flexibility.

Efficiently manage and assess student knowledge with the versatile feature of supporting multiple question types. This functionality allows the creation, storage, and organization of a broad range of pre-written questions and assessment materials. With applications in various evaluations, including tests and quizzes, the feature enhances flexibility and streamlines the assessment process. Educators can tailor assessments to diverse learning needs, fostering a comprehensive evaluation of students' skills and knowledge. This dynamic tool significantly contributes to effective educational evaluation, ensuring a robust understanding of students' proficiency levels.

AI-Powered Question Crafting

AI-Powered Question Crafting

Escape the tedium of manual question creation with Trutext's AI-powered precision. Swiftly craft tailored assessments, sparing you hours of preparation.

Using a Computer

AI-powered precision with trutext.

Are you weary of investing endless hours in question preparation for assessments? Dependence on subject matter experts for exhaustive question creation can be cumbersome. Trutext introduces a solution by employing advanced AI tools, enabling swift question generation tailored to any topic. With Trutext, customization options abound, aligning questions precisely with your criteria and needs. Bid farewell to the laborious process of manual question creation, as Trutext empowers you to harness the efficiency and precision of AI in shaping assessments.

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