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What sets us apart?

Distinctive expertise and dedicated commitment set us apart for unparalleled service tailored to your needs.

What are the primary issues addressed by 

Trutext's school management solution?

Demand for Tailored Solutions

Schools and colleges, shaped by varying administrators, perspectives, and needs, often develop distinct systems. Trutext acknowledges this diversity, offering configurable modules and an enterprise solution for tailored software customization to meet each institution's unique requirements.

Usage Restriction Adaptation

Unlike complex school management software that many schools avoid, Trutext School Management System prioritizes user-friendliness. It's designed to be easily navigable, allowing anyone with basic computer knowledge to use it effortlessly. Additionally, it offers seamless integration with third-party software for various purposes, including accounting.

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reasons to choose

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Trutext School Management System

User Friendly Design

Navigating Trutext is effortless from the first login; no instructions required. Basic computer skills are all you need for smooth operation.

Cloud Based

Trutext is a web application, ensures seamless accessibility through your preferred browser, offering convenient and efficient usage.

Multi School Support

Efficiently oversee a group of institutions through a unified platform, gaining a comprehensive view of daily activities from the super admin dashboard.


Trutext ensures your school's functions are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any digital device for seamless connectivity.

Smart Attendance

Efficient, automated, and accurate tracking with Smart Attendance for streamlined school management.

Empowers Educators

Trutext features a robust analytical tool, offering a comprehensive overview of school analytics and daily operations.

Offline Support

Trutext ensures data integrity during internet outages, providing seamless usage and automatic syncing.

Resource Optimization

Trutext is self-maintaining, with updated UI and security, enabling efficient utilization of physical and human resources.

Adaptable Scalability

Trutext seamlessly adapts to present and future needs, ensuring flexibility for evolving requirements and preferences.

Security Assurance

Trutext prioritizes industry-level security and encryption, guaranteeing your privacy and security at every step of your engagement with us.

Smooth Data Backup

In the event of a system failure, rest assured—your critical data is safeguarded with utmost care and precision.

Rapid Deployment

Just few hours from your end and only few working hours from your institution—Trutext is efficiently implemented.

Academic Improvement

Trutext streamlines paperwork, granting teachers additional time to focus on delivering quality education to our children.

Effortless Scheduling

Real-time updates allow quick creation, modification, and deletion of schedules for students and employees, ensuring efficient day-to-day operations.

Autosave is On

Trutext's autosave ensures constant data protection, providing uninterrupted work, preventing data loss, and ensuring reliability.

SMS Integration

Integrating SMS with Trutext enhances connectivity, ensuring powerful and reliable real-time information sharing with stakeholders.

Voice Call Integration

Explore Voice Call Service Integration—a vast library bridging communication gaps, enhancing Trutext beyond conventional text messages.

Bus Tracking

Streamlined student commute: Trutext offers essential details, facilitating effective communication between management and parents.

Biometric Savings

Maximizing every penny, our powerful Teacher-App allows teachers to register attendance via mobile, ensuring authenticity and efficiency.

Payment Options

Parents can select from various methods, including Card, UPI, Bank transfer, Internet banking, and TrutextPAY for fee payments via our portal or mobile app.

Receipt Generation

Trutext swiftly generates electronic fee receipts, providing a fast and hassle-free experience for seamless financial transactions.

Live Alerts

Trutext features an active and real-time notification system, available through both app and portal interfaces for seamless communication.

Digital Noticeboard

Trutext provides an electronic notice board where school administrators can post notices, shared across all Trutext platforms used by the institution.

Effortless Feedback

Facilitate easy feedback collection with Trutext. Create forms to gather input from all stakeholders, enabling informed decisions.


Trutext securely records every academic milestone, ensuring robust storage from admission to Transfer Certificate issuance.

Visual Reports

Leverage Trutext for graphical insights into student performance, examinations, and financial data through various visual reports.

Custom Web Address

Define your unique Trutext installation with a custom URL like for enhanced personalization and recognition.

Salary Management

Administer employee salaries efficiently by utilizing the salary management feature in your institution through Trutext.

Tally Integration

Trutext seamlessly integrates with Tally through its API, ensuring a smooth transition while retaining efficiency in handling accounts.

API Integration

Access Trutext from anywhere on any internet-connected device. Swift integration options cater to diverse customer requirements seamlessly.

Website Integration

Trutext seamlessly integrates with your current school website, providing its services within your existing platform for enhanced efficiency.

Email Integration

Trutext seamlessly integrates with your existing email synchronization or provides a dedicated email service for streamlined communication.

Personalized Logins

Trutext assigns unique login IDs, granting every member individualized access to their required data, ensuring enhanced user convenience.


Trutext School Management System aligns seamlessly with the latest rules and guidelines of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

Custom Report Cards

Smartly designed report cards. Results are automatically customized to align with the school's unique exam pattern.

HR Management

Efficiently handle personnel matters with Trutext's HR Management, ensuring streamlined processes and employee satisfaction in every aspect.

Academic Management

Trutext effectively handles academic tasks, providing real-time notifications for student homework, classwork, assignments, timetable, and circulars.

Password Security

Passwords in our Trutext system are securely stored in encrypted form, ensuring no unauthorized access or deciphering.

Online Learning

Leveraging Trutext, school administration can create e-learning content to assess students, enriching the institution's knowledge base.

Performance Analysis

Trutext empowers students and teachers to assess their performance through data-driven reports, summaries, and flowcharts generated by the analytical engine.

Multi-Bank Integration

Trutext offers the flexibility to operate with multiple bank accounts, simplifying auditing and tracking of financial transactions.

Media Upload

Trutext offers sharing school diaries and event photographs, enhancing stakeholder involvement. Accessible through mobile apps and desktop portal.

Inventory Management

Streamline your school inventory effortlessly with our dedicated module designed exclusively for efficient inventory management.

Multiboard Support

Trutext seamlessly adapts to diverse exam patterns and board requirements, accommodating CBSE, CGBSE, ICSE, and other state examination boards.

Tailored Reporting

Leveraging our Report module, teachers or administrators can generate diverse reports, facilitating decision assessment and informed actions.

Auto Alerts

For emergencies or crucial notifications, Trutext notifies school administration, pushing mobile app alerts and sending SMS as necessary.

Leave Management

Trutext automates leave requests, ensuring efficient leave management and generating salaries accurately based on leave records.

Internal Communication

Intranet chat and email feature, fostering internal communication within the organization, enhancing connectivity among school franchises and internally.

Digital Diary

Teachers can input specific information into a student's digital diary, easily accessible by the student or their parent via the parent app or student app

Digital Assessment

This module is customized, powerful, and robust, meeting every school organization's expectations for successful online examinations.

Remote Teaching

Trutext boasts a top-notch, custom-built remote teaching module, catering school needs for seamless online classes. Enhanced security practices ensure privacy protection.

Document Vault

Trutext enables users, including students, to upload and securely store their documents, ensuring they are never misplaced.

Sports Management

Trutext covers every detail of school activities, streamlining sports management through our dedicated Sports Management module.


Trutext provides a marketplace for purchasing books, school dress, and stationery supplies, enhancing convenience for users.

Color Themes

Trutext offers multiple in-built color themes, allowing institutions to customize and choose the color scheme that suits their preferences.

Easy File Attachments

Enhance campus news with vibrant text colors or share detailed information via downloadable PDFs and documents for users.

Technical Assistance

We are dedicated to promptly resolving any technical issues you encounter with Trutext, ensuring your satisfaction.

Social Media Support

Connect with us on social media for assistance and guidance on navigating through the features of Trutext.

Training & On-Site Support

On-site support team and training sessions ensure a smooth Trutext integration experience for every client.

Chat Support

Our Trutext platform features an online chat tool, ensuring you have instant assistance for any technical issues you encounter.

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