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Transformative Assessment Hub.

Discover Elements B, a realm dedicated to Assessment and Evaluation. Unveil advanced tools designed to revolutionize how we measure and enhance learning. From automated test generation to in-depth analytics, this section empowers educators with versatile resources for effective assessment strategies. Join us on a journey where assessment becomes insightful, adaptive, and integral to student success. Welcome to Elements B – transforming evaluations into opportunities for growth.

Test Creation and Evaluation Tools

Test Creation and Evaluation Tools

Effortless evaluation.

Trutext eases the crucial evaluation process, ensuring teachers efficiently assess student understanding and learning.

Students Taking Exams

Simplified assessment.

Ensuring an optimal learning experience for students is crucial for their growth. However, the time-consuming tasks of question selection, paper creation, and exams burden teachers. Trutext's test feature simplifies this process, allowing easy creation and evaluation of tests, including topic tests, quizzes, and mock exams. Trutext provides diverse test options, enabling teachers to engage effortlessly and analyze student performance for focused support.

Upload Question Papers as any Document

Upload Question Papers as any Document

Seamless accessibility.

Streamline assessments effortlessly by using the 'Upload Question Papers as any Document' feature, enhancing efficiency in academic evaluation and management.

Working at Open Space

Versatility and ease.

Educators can effortlessly upload diverse question types, and students can access and respond to assessments with ease. This feature not only simplifies the assessment workflow but also ensures a seamless experience for both educators and students, fostering a conducive environment for effective and fair evaluations. Additionally, the flexibility of this feature accommodates various teaching styles and assessment preferences, making it a valuable tool in adapting to the diverse needs of contemporary education.

Option to Shuffle Questions

Option to Shuffle Questions

Shuffle dynamics.

Enhance assessment dynamics with the 'Option to Shuffle Questions,' ensuring varied and fair evaluations for a comprehensive learning experience.

Work Desk

Single-click shuffle.

Teachers benefit from the streamlined efficiency of a single-click shuffle within the Question Repository. This feature facilitates the random selection of questions, adding a dynamic element to assessments by ensuring a varied and relevant set from the subject or topic. The simplicity of this process enhances teachers' ability to create engaging and adaptable assessments, fostering a more dynamic and comprehensive learning experience for students.

Inherent Question Repository

Inherent Question Repository

Inclusive learning hub.

Unlock a reservoir of knowledge seamlessly with 'Inherent Question Repository,' a central hub for diverse and comprehensive learning resources.

Library Student

Versatile, efficient and dynamic.

Frequent school examinations demand a steady supply of question papers, traditionally a time-consuming manual process with storage challenges. However, the persistent concern over the security of these papers remains. Trutext's Inherent Question Repository provides a solution, offering a secure storage facility for question papers. To utilize this feature, the initial step involves creating a question repository within the test creation module, ensuring a streamlined and secure approach to storing and managing examination materials.

Identification of Strong and Weak Topics

Identification of Strong and Weak Topics

Gathering relevant data.

Evaluating key metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses in educational topics, enhancing decision-making for continuous improvement of students.

Discussion Between Students

Refining teaching methodologies.

Trutext's sophisticated analyses empower educators with a nuanced understanding of academic strengths and weaknesses, facilitating targeted interventions and data-driven decision-making. The platform's multilayered approach, encompassing subject-wise, topic-wise, and language-wise insights, ensures a comprehensive view of educational dynamics. By refining curriculum development, offering personalized learning experiences, and incorporating user-friendly features like alerts and feedback mechanisms, Trutext stands at the forefront of transformative educational management.

Homework Generation

Homework Generation

Smart homework management.

Easily manage assignments for all classes with Trutext's advanced homework generation feature, ensuring efficient assignment creation, tracking, and evaluation.


Streamlined workflow.

Trutext's Homework Generation feature streamlines the homework process, allowing educators to effortlessly assign, track, and evaluate assignments across all classes. This elaborate feature ensures efficient homework management, fostering organized teaching environments. The platform empowers teachers to tailor homework for specific classes, ensuring relevance to the curriculum. By facilitating seamless tracking, educators can monitor student progress and identify areas that may need additional attention. Evaluation becomes systematic, promoting a comprehensive understanding of student performance. This feature enriches the teaching and learning experience, aligning homework assignments with educational objectives while simplifying administrative tasks for educators.

Micro-scale Data Analytics

Micro-scale Data Analytics

Precision insights.

Insightful Micro-scale Data Analytics offers precise evaluation and data-driven insights, enhancing learning outcomes through targeted assessment and analysis.

Discussing the Numbers

The crucial role of data analytics in modern systems.

Educational data analytics, within a school management system, is indispensable for institutes keen on optimizing their educational strategies. Micro-scale Data Analytics, a pivotal component, offers granular insights into students performance, enabling schools to tailor their teaching methodologies. Unlike conventional school management systems that focus on administrative tasks, this feature elevates institutions by providing nuanced data analysis. It guides decision-making by evaluating syllabus effectiveness and ensuring alignment with educational standards. Investing in a comprehensive school management system, inclusive of Micro-scale Data Analytics, is imperative for schools aspiring to enhance learning outcomes and make informed decisions based on precise insights.

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